Checkbox - getPressed


CheckBoxSets a value that indicates whether the checkbox state is selected or cleared

(checked - True or unchecked - False).


Sample Ribbon XML file:

<customUI xmlns="" onLoad="CallbackOnLoad">
    <ribbon startFromScratch="false">
            <tab id="MyTab" label="Sample CheckBox">
                <group id="MyGroup" label="Sample CheckBox" >
                    <labelControl id="myLabel1" label="Sample:" />
                    <labelControl id="myLabel2" label="Checkbox" />
                    <checkBox id="MyCheckBox" label="My CheckBox" 
                      onAction="MyCheckBoxCallbackOnAction" />

Function to be copied to a standard module:

Sub MyCheckBoxCallbackGetPressed(control As IRibbonControl, _
                                 ByRef bolReturn)
    ' Callback Checkbox State
    Select Case control.ID
        Case "MyCheckBox"
            bolReturn = True
    End Select
End Sub

You can find this sample in Sample DB 2