getEnabledThis Callback sets a boolean value to define whether a control is displayed as active or inactive.



Sample Ribbon XML file:

<customUI xmlns="" onLoad="CallbackOnLoad">
    <ribbon startFromScratch="false">
             <tab id="Toogle Button Demo" label="Toogle Button Demo">
                <group id="MyGroup" label="Toogle Button Demo">
                    <button id="MyButton" label="I ;-)"
                      size="large" getEnabled="CallbackGetEnabled"/> 
                    <toggleButton id="MyToggleButton1" size="large" 
                      label="Toggle Button (On/Off)" imageMso="HappyFace"

Function to be copied to a standard module: 

Option Compare Database
Option Explicit
Public bolEnabled As Boolean
Sub CallbackGetEnabled(control As IRibbonControl, _
                       ByRef enabled)
' Callback Enabled
    enabled = bolEnabled
End Sub 

Furthermore you require the Callback for clicking the ToggleButton

You can find this sample in Sample DB 2