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Commands allow you to manipulate the reaction of built-in Ribbon controls.

<customUI xmlns="">
       <command idMso="Help" enabled="true"/>
       <command idMso="WindowClose" enabled="true"/>
       <command idMso="WindowRestore" enabled="true"/>
       <command idMso="WindowMinimize" enabled="true"/>
       <command idMso="ApplicationOptionsDialog" enabled="true"/>
       <command idMso="FileExit" enabled="true"/>
       <command idMso="PrintDialogAccess" getEnabled="GetEnabled" onAction="CommandOnAction" />
   <ribbon startFromScratch="false">

The syntax for OnAction callback is a bit different to standard callbacks, as the Cancel parameter has to be provided. This Cancel parameter determines whether only your function or also the standard callback should be processed.

CancelDefault = False

Your code and the standard callback will be executed.

CancelDefault = True

Only your code will be executed.


Function in a standard module:

Sub CommandOnAction(control As IRibbonControl, ByRef CancelDefault)
  ' Callback for an Office Ribbon Control -  Click
  MsgBox "My Callback" 
  CancelDefault = True
End Sub


Callbacks: getPressed, getEnabled, onAction

You can find this sample also in Sample database Office-Option Button



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