Backstage - Tab

Remark: All functions in this chapter refer to Access / Office 2010.  

A tab in Backstage View defines an entry. Within the Tab tags the Tab content can be defined.



The corresponding XML Ribbon file:

<customUI xmlns="">
   <ribbon startFromScratch="false">
      <!-- Ribbon XML -->
    <tab  id="btab1" 
          label="Tab Label 1. "/>


Attributes: columnWidthPercent, enabled, firstColumnMaxWidth, firstColumnMinWidth,
                id, idMso, idQ, insertAfterMso, insertAfterQ, insertBeforeMso,
                insertBeforeQ, keytip, label, secondColumnMaxWidth, secondColumnMinWidth,
                tag, title, visible

 Callbacks: getEnabled, getKeytip, getLabel, getTitle, getVisible

You can also find this sample in sample database "Backstage View".