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Axialis Office Pro 2019

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Use Axialis IconWorkshop to create, extract, convert, manage icons for Windows, MacOS and Toolbars. It supports formats up to Windows Vista 256x256 PNG compressed and OSX Leopard 512x512. Use drag and drop to easily make attractive icons from various image objects in seconds. If you are a developer, you can create and edit icons in image strips for toolbars. Features Visual Studio, Photoshop and Illustrator plugins. Fully integrated workspace.

No time to make your own icons? Use Axialis Software professionally-designed stock icons. These icon sets provides a low-cost and ready-to-use solution for your Ribbon interface needs. The icons have been designed individually for pixel perfect results at all sizes.







vbWatchdog completely transforms VBA error handling by providing a global error trap to catch unhandled errors as well as providing access to the VB callstack information.

vbMAPI provides a replacement object model for Microsoft Outlook that completely avoids the Outlook Object Model Guard, along with providing lots of enhanced features that are not available when using the normal Outlook object model.







FMS Total Access Analyzer for Access 2007




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