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RibbonX: Customizing the Office 2007 Ribbon (Paperback)

RibbonX For Dummies (Paperback)

Access 2007 - Das Grundlagenbuch für Entwickler (German)

Help Forums:

MS Answers




Microsoft Access / Office 2016:

Microsoft Access 2016 Runtime (Info from Office Team for the Access Runtime)

Office Fluent User Interface Control Identifiers


Microsoft Access / Office 2013:

Office Fluent User Interface Control Identifiers

Microsoft Access 2013 Runtime


Microsoft Access / Office 2010:

Office 2010 Site

Office Fluent User Interface Control Identifiers

Office Fluent User Interface XML Schema

Office 2010: Developer References

Compatibility Between the 32-bit and 64-bit Versions of Office 2010

Office 2010 Help Files: Win32API_PtrSafe with 64-bit Support

Customizing the Office 2010 Backstage View for Developers

Introduction to the Office 2010 Backstage View for Developers

Ribbon Extensibility in Office 2010: Tab Activation and Auto-Scaling

Targeting User Interface Solutions to the 2007 and 2010 Releases of Microsoft Office

Customizing Context Menus in Office 2010

Microsoft Access 2010 Runtime

Microsoft Access 2010 Source Code Control

Microsoft Access Database Engine 2010 Redistributable  

Office 2010 Add-In: Icons Gallery (See also my Office 2010 Icons Gallery)

Interactive menu to ribbon guide for Office 2010

Microsoft Access / Office 2007:

Customizing the Office (2007) Ribbon User Interface for Developers (Part 1 of 3)

Customizing the Office (2007) Ribbon User Interface for Developers (Part 2 of 3)

Customizing the Office (2007) Ribbon User Interface for Developers (Part 3 of 3)

Access 2007 / Ribbons

Ribbon Extensibility in Access 2007

List of Control IDs

2007 Office System Add-In: Icons Gallery

2007 Office System: XML Schema Reference

Visual Basic 2005 Express Edition

Microsoft Access 2007 (mdb und accdb) Database Engine for Access < 2007

Add-In for Office 2007: Save as PDF

Access 2007 Developer Extensions

Access 2007 Runtime

Deploying Access 2007 Runtime-Based Solutions 

Office 2007 SP1 

Classic Menus for für Office 2007 / Office 2010

Ubit Menu


Access Team Blog: 

Ribbon Blog

Access 2007 Blog

Jamie West: 

Solution for developing ribbons in Office

Garry Robinson - Magazin Smart Access

Smart Access is back!

Helpful Tools: 

FMS Total Access Analyzer for Access 2007

Albert D. Kallal: 

Ribbon Class 2007 (with sample database)

Clint Covington, Blog:

MSDN article "Ribbon Extensibility in Access 2007"  (with Sample Database)

Jensen Harris, Office Interface Blog:

The Office 2007 UI Bible

Developer Resources for Office 2007 RTM (contains updated lists of ControlID)

CustomUI Schema

Allen Browne: 


Oliver  Stohr:

Patrick Schmid:

AddIn for Office 2007: Customize Office 2007 - RibbonX

Custom UI Editor Tool: (Office 2007 and 2010)



More about programming Microsoft Office Menus and Toolbars

Programming Microsoft Office Command Bars

Working with Images on Command Bar Buttons

Toolbars with user-defined Icons.

Anette Ratjens site "CreativBars" (german)
The "CreativBars" database partially runs on Access 2007.


IDBE Avenius (German)
(My main site, AddIns, ActiveX controls, and many more)

Access-FAQ (German / Italian)

The Access-Web


If you have further links about Ribbons please let me know (email). I'm happy to add them to this page. 


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