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Backstage - GroupBox - Control

Remark: All functions in this chapter refer to Access / Office 2010.  


The groupBox element allows grouping of controls.






The corresponding XML Ribbon file:

<customUI xmlns="">
   <ribbon startFromScratch="false">
       <!-- Ribbon XML -->
    <tab id="btab1" label="Label 1. Tab">
       <group id="myGroup" style="normal" label="Form Button:">
             <groupBox id="grpBox1" label="Label Form GroupBox 1:">
               <button id="btn1" imageMso="_1" label="Button in GroupBox 1"/>
               <checkBox id="chk1" label="Checkbox in GroupBox 1"/>
               <hyperlink id="hlnk1" label="Goto AccessRibbon" target=""/>
             <groupBox id="grpBox2" label="Label Form GroupBox 2:">
               <button id="btn2" imageMso="_1" label="Button in GroupBox 2"/>
               <checkBox id="chk2" label="Checkbox in GroupBox 2"/>
               <hyperlink id="hlnk2" label="Goto AccessRibbon" target=""/>
   <button id="btnFast1" label="Label Backstage Button" imageMso="HappyFace" onAction="OnActionButton"/>

Attributes:  expand, id, idMso, idQ, label, tag

     Callbacks: getLabel


You can also find this sample in sample database "Backstage View".






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