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1. Sample database SampleRibbon1.


This database contains all XML files from section "Ribbon Controls" in table "USysRibbons".

Before opening the database make sure it is located inside a trusted folder.

Navigation OptionsIn order to see the table "USysRibbon" the system objects must be visible.


Click with the right mouse button on the "Navigation Pane" title and in the context menu on "Navigation options ...". You can reach the navigation options also by "Office Button" / "Access Options" / "Current Database" / "Navigation" / Button "Navigation Options...".

In "Display Options" check the field "Show System Objects".


All Ribbons in Sample DBSelect Ribbon:

"Office Button" / "Access-Options" / "Current Database" / "Ribbon and Toolbar Options" / "Ribbon Name:" select the ribbon that should be loaded when starting the database.



After a database re-start the selected ribbon will be loaded and displayed.




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